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About the conference 

ERA Ingenuity at Work 

What is Ingenuity at Work?

Ingenuity at Work is a mindset. It’s rethinking the traditional way of managing EHS in order to make them more effective, faster, and simpler. ERA’s Ingenuity at Work Conference is an event designed to inspire you and ignite your creative spark to help you innovate at your workplace.

Our sessions and speakers will open your eyes to exciting new ways to envision your processes. You’ll also hear from the ERA team about where ERA-EHS software is going, including new partnerships and projects.

The conference will also highlight Automated Intelligence: technology that combines automation and Artificial Intelligence to significantly improve internal decision making and data quality. Gain insights into advanced automation for your workplace, including sensor integrations, AI-assisted decision making, and ETL data pre-processing.  

Come back to your workplace energized – Ingenuity at Work is all about giving you the ideas and tools to bring ingenuity back into your EHS team. Industry breakout sessions will reconnect you with your industry peers and entertaining social events will send you back to work refreshed and engaged.

ERA Ingenuity at Work Conference. Detroit, MI. September 26, 27, 28 2022.